"The service is unbeatable and the diamond selection is fantastic."

- Joey L.

"Great customer service and awesome work."

- Phillip R.

"Shout out to David Feld for the super prompt service. Great work! Thank you!"

- Blake C.

“King Diamonds comes through time and time again!!”

- Gaurav V.

“Big time shout out to David Feld – King Diamonds. He recut 2 chipped rounds and turned them around QUICK! Now they’re more beautiful than ever. Highly recommend!”

- Blake C.

“King Diamonds does it again. 1.54 ct marquise repair finished at 1.54ct in and out of GIA and back to us FAST. Thanks!”

- Jim S.

“Special thanks to David King Diamond Feld for the wonderful job he did in my diamond. This stone came to me as 3.27 ct, F, Internal Flawless based on the original/old GIA, triple X, no fluo. It was originally set as a ring. When we removed the stone from its mount, and sent it back to GIA for recertification. It came back as "VVS1"!!!??, simply because of a tiny bruise caused since the last cert, most likely when the stone was set. David magically managed to polish out the bruise with ZERO weight loss. Now, the stone is recovered and reinstated to its "Internal Flawless" rating by GIA.”

- Bonnie Y.