Your melee should be hassle free. We buy thousands of carats a month, so feel confident to send us your melee.



Color Treating


Unhappy with your diamond but don’t want to pay for a new stone? Send us your diamond and we can color the stone to make it more attractive. Our specialists will advise you on the color which will best suit your diamond.



Laser Drilling


If you’re tired of seeing black car-bon in your diamond, bring in your stone and we can drill out the carbon to make it more pleasant on the eyes.



Fracture Fill


With 99% of diamonds having some sort of inclusion, the process of taking the diamond from its rough stage to its final, pol-ished form will make some inclusions more visible to the naked eye. Since visible inclu-sions do affect the value and beauty of a dia-mond, the clarity enhancement process is an excellent solution to removing these visible inclusions.

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