Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

If you’re not offering a clarity-enhanced option on diamonds goods to your customers, maybe it’s time you should! Many budget-conscious consumers today are looking to stretch their dollars as far as possible and for some of these clients; a clarity-enhanced option might be an excellent choice.

Your customers look to you to be the expert in all things “diamond-related,” and introducing them to alternatives such as clarity-enhancement might help them make the diamond purchase of their dreams more attainable and a way to build another avenue for sales. As a jeweler, you know the clarity enhancement process is used to maximize a diamond’s beauty through optimizing its clarity. This is a process that can only be done on natural diamonds. Because 99% of diamonds have some sort of inclusion, the process of taking the diamond from its rough stage to its final, polished form will make some inclusions more visible to the naked eye. Since visible inclusions do affect the value and beauty of a diamond, the clarity enhancement process is an excellent solution to remov-ing these visible inclusions, and allows your customers an opportunity to afford a diamond that may have otherwise been out of their reach financially.

If you’d like to introduce your customers to the option of clarity-enhanced diamonds, give us a call! We’re happy to talk you through all of the clarity-enhanced options that are available, and work to introduce

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